Mass casualty triage is a critical skill. Although many systems exist to guide providers in making triage decisions, there is little scientific evidence available to demonstrate that any of the available systems have been validated. Furthermore, in the United States there is little consistency from one jurisdiction to the next in the application of mass casualty triage methodology. There are no nationally standardized categories or color designations.

SALT Triage is the product of a CDC Sponsored working group to propose a standardized triage method.  The guideline, entitled SALT (sort, assess, life-saving interventions, treatment and/or transport) triage, was developed based on the best available science and consensus opinion. It incorporates aspects from all of the existing triage systems to create a single overarching guide for unifying the mass casualty triage process across the United States.  SALT is compliant with the Model Uniform Core Criteria for Mass Casualty Triage currently contemplated as the proposed national standard for all mass casualty triage systems.